Virtual Music Boxes

The virtual music boxes are 3D renderings of multiple, abstract, music boxes. They can be controlled in real-time using a haptic interface and generate rate sensitive audio sequences that correspond to the digital animation. Virtual Music Boxes was part of a larger project called, "Technology and Our Emotional Selves" wherein potential ramifications of engaging in technologically mediated processes, with special regards to what can be termed our emotional self - or the aspects of our experience that are not physical, are explored.     


Certain technologies as a result of being able to determine our physical modes of interaction, also determine the ways in which we are able to manifest ourselves emotionally. In this view, our ability to control our emotional selves and determine the nature of our own experience depends, at least in part, on our ability to control the progress and development of the technologies we use. As a way to creatively demonstrate,  Virtual Music Boxes, through modifying a physical relationship,  replaces the emotional nostalgia associated with operating a traditional music box with abstraction and novelty.  

video documentation