Television Teacher

Television Teacher is an installation that includes a television capable of tuning itself in so as to be able to teach the next generation of televisions the importance of community oriented values.

The antennae on the older monitor are motorized, and reorient themselves when it appears the signal has been lost - actively searching for programming appropriate for the several newer monitors that lay in a semi circle around their elder.  These younger monitors are outfitted with a live feed of the older monitor, suggesting that they are in fact watching in order to learn how best to program.  Television Teacher was part of a larger project called "Technology and Our Emotional Selves" which explores potential ramifications of engaging in  technologically mediated processes, with special regards to what can be termed our emotional self - or the aspects of our experience that are not physical. Our television selects programs expressing value, social responsibility, and community. How do things like compassion and understanding translate in the absence of a real demonstrator?    

digitally controlled antennae. 

Newer, younger monitors learning 

video documentation