Octopus Mandala Glow (OMG)

Lighting Designer

 "Artist Victoria Vesna was commissioned as one of 3 lead artists for the 2013 Glow event in Santa Monica that took  place on September 28th. She is a world renowned artist known for her collaboration with scientists and work with media for many years with a focus on interactive artworks that immerse the audience and put them in the center of the work. Together with her team she developed the Octopus Mandala Glow project for the famous Pacific Wheel."


As lighting designer, I was asked to program the Pacific Wheel at Santa Monica pier with an original animation. While the objective was first and foremost to assist in the realization of the larger project, I felt there was a huge responsibility to maintain the classic allure that the iconic landmark was known for. ­ The job then, was to design something that would be emblematic of OMG, while still upholding the Ferris Wheel­ness of Pacific Park's crown jewel.

software color selections

early mockup

video documentation of animated sequence