It takes all kinds, 



A collection of T-shirts, each one with there own qualifier. It takes all kinds. 

Whirl - kinetic sound sculpture test, 


A test with the intention of someday building an array of computer controlled Twirl Tubes for unique compositions and phasing.  

video documentation

Pinwheels V.2



Motion sensitive array of pinwheels. - Made under the umbrella of the Technology and Our Emotional Selves project.

video documentation

Experiments in Mocap V2


Using remixed and resequenced  motion capture data to drive particle fields.

Audio: Hecq - 0008, 0009

video documentation

 All I Need


Rapid prototyping (SLM) in aluminum. - Designed to be exhibited for RAPID conference 2011. 

Miles of Shades - A visual music piece 

"Miles of Shades" was a collaboration between myself and the One O' Clock Lab band at UNT. It is a visual interpretation of the original composition, Miles of Shades, by members Jenny Kellogg, Aaron Hedenstrom, and Tyler Mire.

Full video available here

Live with Paul Rudy

Live A/V performance with Paul Rudy at the Santa Fe complex, NM.

video excerpt

Live with Christian Pincock

Live A/V performance with Christian Pincock at UNM ARTSlab, NM

video excerpt

Sources - sound film 


Sources is about  the constant journey towards what we think might be ahead of us, and also about what we can, can't, and always carry with us on what can be a lonely path. The audio is primarily arranged guitar feedback.

video exerpt

Narrative of Idea - sound film 

Narrative of Idea was inspired  by Paul Rudy's music piece "Interlude: Houses of Air", which Paul describes as being, "not so much about an idea, but more of a narrative of idea". The video attempts to explore how the process of ideation functions - which is to say that it isn't about anything specific, but rather an audio/visual interpretation of the process that is intrinsic in idea. This process, being a narrative of sorts, and in this case, inspired directly by Paul Rudy's music.

full video

Words a Four Letter Fuck: A documentary on musical hero Michael Griffen

Michael Griffen, among many other things, played freely improvised noise. In doing so, he became a legend to the free-improv / noise music scene. While this could easily be attributed to awe-inspiring performances that pushed limits of toleration even amongst indie/underground appreciators, many remember him for the encouragement and support he gave to newcomers. A truly independent thinker and free soul, Michael Griffen insisted on everyones innate ability to play music; regardless of experience or "talent". This documentary hopes to inspire, and grant Michael some of the attention he deserved (though he never asked for it).

video excerpt

Making Sense of it All

Libido: Tribute to Spiders